Great horned owl
Blink is a great horned owl and one of the birds that send messages to Chris, Martin, and Zoboo from the Animal Helpers.  

A great horned owl first appeared to deliver Jackie's message in the episode "Night Time".  Chris had trouble falling asleep due to an unknown growling noise.  However, he heard a hooting noise and knew who made that one.  Martin, who was asleep, muttered "Duck", while Zoboo, who was also asleep, muttered "great horned owl".  Chris then gets his headlamp on to find out.  He then sees the owl with the message, checking out the bird's eyes and stating that Animal Junction doesn't look dark to this great horned owl.  At this point, Martin wakes up, wondering what's going on, only to run into a support beam.  He then gets his headlamp on and says that having owl eyes would be great for getting up at night.  He also says that he loves how the owl swivels his head around so his eyes can look in any direction.  Both Kratts then read the message the owl brought.  Since this great horned owl is a male, he's not Blink.  

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