Coatis, also known as the Coati-Mundi, coatimundi, hog-nosed coon, tejón, cholugo, moncún, pizote, cusumbo, and other names, are members of the genera Nasua and Nasuella in the raccoon family (Procyonidae), a diurnal mammal native to South America, Central America, and south-western North America.  The term is reported to be derived from the Tupi language of Brazil.  


Coatis, specifically the white-nosed coati, are featured in several episodes.  

Coatis first appeared in "The Nose Knows". A pair of white faced coatis were in Animal Junction with Zoboomafoo when the Kratt Brothers came back from returning Toothbrush the elephant to his herd.  

5 more white-nosed coatis appear in "Climbing" as the mystery animal (or in this case, mystery animals).  Zoboo named them Climber, Climby, Climate, Climberadoo, and Stinky.

Coatis also appeared in "Animal Daycare", "Playtime", "Spots and Stripes", and "Families".