Coatis, also known as the Coati-Mundi, coatimundi, hog-nosed coon, tejón, cholugo, moncún, pizote, cusumbo, and other names, are members of the genera Nasua and Nasuella in the raccoon family (Procyonidae), a diurnal mammal native to South America, Central America, and south-western North America.  The term is reported to be derived from the Tupi language of Brazil.  


Coatis, specifically the white-nosed coati, are featured in several episodes.  

Coatis first appeared in "The Nose Knows". A pair of white faced coatis were in Animal Junction with Zoboomafoo when the Kratt Brothers came back from returning Toothbrush the elephant to his herd.  

Five more white-nosed coatis appear in "Climbing".  Zoboo named them Climber, Climby, Climate, Climberadoo, and Stinky.

Coatis also appeared in "Animal Daycare", "Playtime", "Spots and Stripes", and "Families".