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1-03 (3)


January 27, 1999

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Monitor Lizard

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Dinosaurs is the third episode of Zoboomafoo.


Martin and Chris arrive at Animal Junction determined to build a huge dinosaur model. Zoboo is eager to help out, even though he does not know what a dinosaur is. However, once Chris and Martin describe what dinosaurs used to look like, Zoboo's sure he just saw one on the way to Animal Junction. Chris and Martin understand what he means when a monitor lizard arrives for a visit. Rome was not built in a day, and it seems unlikely that Chris, Martin and Zoboo's collapse-prone dinosaur model will ever actually be completed. But in the end, the Martinandchrisaurus stands tall for all to see. Jackie discovers an owl pellet - the fur and bone remains.

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► Zoboomafoo ► 103 Dinosaurs - Full Episode Kids TV Shows

► Zoboomafoo ► 103 Dinosaurs - Full Episode Kids TV Shows