Eye Spy

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1-02 (2)


January 26, 1999

Featured Animals


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Eye Spy is the second episode of Zoboomafoo.


The gang talks about seeing and being seen when a pair of black jaguar cubs comes for a visit. Sleek and stealthy, these jaguars have excellent dark spotted coats to camouflage them in the dark forest. Plus, they have got amazing night vision that helps them see in their forest home. Martin and Chris wonder what it is like to see like creatures see, so they build a new Kratt contraption: Eye Spy goggles. The device allows them to see like a jaguar, a butterfly, a hawk, and a frog. It is spring and Jackie and the Animal Helpers are planting an evergreen tree. The tree was Jackie's Christmas tree, so she wants to decorate it for the birds. She and the Helpers adorn it with apples and popcorn, excellent treats for her winged friends.

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