Fierce Creatures

Production Number

1-11 (11)


February 8, 1999

Featured Animals

Bald Eagle
Arctic Wolves
Barn Owl (Moonface)
American Bison
Grizzly Bear
Nurse Sharks

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Fierce Creatures is the 11th episode of Zoboomafoo.


The arrival of Arctic wolf cubs has Zoboo feeling really wolf-ish. Zoboo knows that wolves are not fierce creatures; in fact, he wants to join the wolf pack, so Chris and Martin teach him the wolf basics. After quick lessons in howling, hunting and the pecking order of the pack, Zoboo is all set to leave with the pack, until he finds out that the barren Arctic is very different from sunny Madagascar. Zoboo does not want to live in a world without mangoes… or Kratts, so he says goodbye to his pack mates. Jackie rescues a spider that is stranded in a friend's bathtub. She lays a towel over the side of the tub so that the spider has a surface that she can climb out on.

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Zoboomafoo 111 - Fierce Creatures (Full Episode)

Zoboomafoo 111 - Fierce Creatures (Full Episode)