Fling is a white fronted capuchin monkey who likes to throw things around. He appears in some episodes. He first appeared in Eye Spy and in a joke clip at the end of Night Time. Then he reappeared in Fling, Playtime, Humans, Green Creatures, and Messy and Clean.

Appearances in the ShowEdit

In the episode "Fling", he came to Animal Junction as the mystery animal of that episode. After walking around Animal Junction, he started throwing things which gave him his name. He also plays catch with Chris, Martin and Zoboo. Eventually, the throwing gets out of control as he tries to find food. Fling eventually finds food in the snack machine and the throwing happens less often.

After reading a message from Jackie about her releasing frogs into the wild, Chris and Martin decide to do that too by taking Fling back to his family. Before leaving, Chris and Martin bring two important items from the closet: a map and a compass.

While in the woods, Flings starts throwing the compass around while Chris and Martin look at their map. Flings ends up damaging the compass without Chris and Martin knowing and they end up finding a group of Howler Monkeys rather than Capuchin Monkeys.

Fling then takes the compass again and Martin soon realizes that it's missing. Chris eventually sees Fling throwing the compass around the forest, and the brothers find out that the compass was broken. Luckily, Chris carried a spare compass and they find Fling's family. Afterwards, Chris and Martin return to Animal Junction.

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