In each episode (after the website information), there is a segment where Zoboomafoo tells either 1 or 2 jokes (though the Kratt brothers gave a riddle in 1 of the segments), each joke usually had facts about the animal featured in the joke.



(several scenes of dogs playing are shown)
Martin: Whohaoh! Hey, did you know that dogs love to play, because they are hunters by nature?
Zoboomafoo: Yeah I knew that.
Martin: Heh yeah! That's why they love to run around and jump, and grab things with their mouths.
Zoboomafoo: Yeah, because they are hunters by nature. (laughs)
Martin: Ok Zoboo, I got a riddle for you.
Zoboomafoo: Ok.
(Switches to both of them in Animal Junction.)
Martin: What time is it when you take two pug puppies...
(the pugs are shown; switches to Chris above Martin and Zoboomafoo with a wooden bucket full of various balls)
Chris:...and, a bucket of balls?
(He dumps the balls over everyone. They bounce all over the place.)
Zoboomafoo: It's...
Martin and Zoboomafoo: ...playtime!
(The puppies go over to the balls. Martin and Zoboomafoo go over to play with them. One pug shakes a small orange and blue ball in its mouth. Martin and the other pug play with a smaller pink and blue ball and an orange and green miniature basketball.)
Zoboomafoo: Hey puppies! (cuts to him) Come play with me! (both puppies come to him) Hooha. Hi puppies, how are ya? (one puppy hold Zoboo's hand with its mouth offscreen) Hey, heh, no no no, let go. (Shows the other pug plays on Chris' head, who laughs. Goes back to Zoboo. ) Whoah, (laughs), hey hey. (Laughs again. Shows the pug puppy on his hand again.) I'm stronger than you are. (Chris and the other puppy are shown again. It then shows another angle where that puppy goes towards the camera.)

This riddle appeared in the episodes: "The Nose Knows", "Slimy Buddies", "Puppies", "Running", "Pets", "Horses", "Water Creatures", "Bzzz"


(A black jaguar, possibly Jagwater, is shown playing with a basketball in the pool.)
Chris: Now this may look like a black panther to some people, but it's not. It's a water-lovin' black jaguar.
(switches to Chris eating an apple near the closed door)
Zoboomafoo: (from behind the upper right door) Knock knock.
(Chris pauses from eating his apple.)
Chris: Who's there? (opens that door to reveal Zoboo)
Zoboomafoo: Panther.
Chris: Panther who?
Zoboomafoo: Panther no pants, I'm goin swimmin'. (He and Chris, who accidentally lets the door close, laugh. The door knocks Zoboo off.
Zoboomafoo: Whoah!
(Chris notices and reopens the door again)
Chris: Zoboo, you okay?
Zoboomafoo: Yeah, yeah. Just fine. (He falls off again.)

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