Macaws are long-tailed, often colorful New World parrots.  


Macaws appear in several episodes.

A blue-and-yellow macaw appeared in "Climbing".

Another blue-and-yellow macaw (simply called a macaw) appeared in "Ears Hear". It was among the animals that the Kratts heard making noise through their Super Ear Sensors (the macaw was the 1st animal heard before a camel).

When Chris and Martin got back to Animal Junction from their in "Funny Faces", a male blue-and-yellow macaw (called blue-and-gold macaw) chick along with a cockatoo chick (specifically a white cockatoo) was being looked after by Zoboo. Chris was shown holding the baby macaw while saying that macaws actually use their faces to help them climb. As the chick used its beak to grab Chris' shirt and climb up him, he explains that they grab ahold of something with their beaks, and pull themselves up before showing how the chick does it. He then says that there are lots of different types of macaws. A flock of red-and-green macaws were also shown when Chris added that they also use their beaks to help climb up cliffs where they eat clay. They use their feet, beaks, and tongue to break off yummy little pieces (1 of which was shown doing so).

More macaws appear in "Talk to Me", helping Zoboomafoo open fan mail along with Fling the capuchin monkey, Toothbrush the elephant, and Brainiac the chimpanzee. After Chris and Martin return to Animal Junction from India, a red-and-green macaw was sitting on the letter pile. A blue-and-yellow macaw was also shown walking on the letters. It later watched Fling rip open a letter.

Another blue-and-yellow macaw was shown in "Flying Buddies". It was first seen scratching its head with its right foot as the Kratt brothers attached feathers to Zoboomafoo's wings. It was later seen watching the Kratts add a turbo rocket to Zoboo's wings along with a grey crowned crane and a peregrine falcon that was in the pond. A hyacinth macaw was also seen flying twice among the other flying birds during Flying Creature-ish.