Stickyfeet on Zoboomafoo's head

Stickyfeet is a male peregrine falcon and one of the birds sending messages from the Animal Helpers.  He first appeared in the episode "Swimming".  

His delivered Jackie's message again in the next episode "Slimy Buddies".  

His latest appearance and message delivery was in "World of Legs", where he delivered Amy's message.  Since Zoboomafoo was trying to figure out what legs the tiger salamander larva would have, Chris said "Duck", causing Zoboo to think that the salamander would have duck feet (which would make sense to him since it lived in water), but Chris ment "duck" as in "Incoming!" "Duck!", like a "duck-off duck" as Martin stated, causing him to yell "Duck!" as Stickyfeet flew in.  He landed on Zoboomafoo's head, who said hi to him and reconized his talons sticking into his head.  He asked the Kratts why Stickyfeet hangs on so hard.  Chris explains that peregrine falcons like Stickyfeet have strong, powerful legs.  Martin added that these legs power the falcon's strong grip.  Zoboo stated that legs are amazing things as Stickyfeet takes off.