Talon is a male golden eagle and one of the birds sending messages from the Animal Helpers. He was named after the claws on his feet, which are called talons.

He delivered Amy's message in "Don't Fence Me In" (he wasn't named at that point yet). When he landed on the barrel, Zoboomafoo tells him that he didn't know why the Kratt brothers keep calling him a duck before trying to remember what Talon was. Martin explained that Talon is a golden eagle (helping Zoboo remember), then points out the gold feathers on the back of his head and neck, which is how the golden eagle got his name. Zoboo agrees and pointed out Talon's feet. Chris tells him that the claws on the eagle's feet are called talons and that they pack a powerful grip while demonstrating with his left hand. It was for this reason that Zoboomafo called the golden eagle Talon. Chris adds that golden eagles have huge wings, and that Talon's wingspan is 6 feet wide, which Zoboo tells Talon that his wings are longer than his whole body. He then takes off before the Kratts read the message he left for them.


  • Talon was mistaken for a female when Chris explained his wingspan in "Don't Fence Me In".