The Nose Knows

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1-01 (1)


January 25, 1999

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The Nose Knows is the series premiere of Zoboomafoo.


Creature adventuring in a bat cave has made the Kratts rather stinky, a state that attracts the attention of a baby elephant, Toothbrush. She could not help but smell them with that great nose of hers. But an elephant's nose does a lot more than smell, and the gang celebrates what a cool creature feature a nose is, especially for elephants and coatis. Celebration turns to concern when Chris, Martin and Zoboo realize that Toothbrush needs to get back to her herd. A harmonica and bloodhound and elephant footprints lead the way back to Toothbrush's herd. Jackie's hard at work mowing her backyard when she spies a garter snake. She decides to leave a portion of the yard uncut so that her snake will have some shady grass to hide in.

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Zoboomafoo 101 - The Nose Knows (Full Episode)

Zoboomafoo 101 - The Nose Knows (Full Episode)