Who's in the Hole?

Production Number

1-04 (4)


January 28, 1999

Featured Animals

Monitor Lizard

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Who's in the Hole? is the fourth episode of Zoboomafoo.


A flying squirrel glides into Animal Junction in search of a hole to live in. Chris, Martin and Zoboo are glad to help, but find out that a lot of holes in Animal Junction already have occupants. Who knew that so many creatures lived in holes? But why not? Whether they are in the ground, in rocks or in a tree, holes are perfect homes, safe and warm for foxes, snakes, rabbits, prairie dogs, porcupines, and flying squirrels. Jackie spots a man just about to cut down a dead tree. She stops him and explains that owls, squirrels and raccoons live in tree holes, even if the tree is dead. The man decides it's better to leave the tree standing.

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