Zobooland is an imaginary world, in which Zoboomafoo's characters reside.


Name: Zoboomafoo

Gender: Male

Animal: Lemur

Color: White and Brown

Zoboo is the main character above all the Zobooland characters. He leaps along in Zobooland and something happens.


Name: Gooble

Gender: Male

Animal: Rabbit

Color: Purple

Gooble is a Rabbit and loves to eat goobleberries


Name: Narchi

Gender: Male

Animal: Anteater Creature

Color: Greenish Blue

Narchi is a greenish blue anteater hybrid-like creature with a plump round body, a long elephant trunk-like nose that has many uses (goobleberry launcher, jet propeller, trumpet, vacuum, etc.), hole-like eyes, stubby flipper-like arms with three fingers, flat pillar feet, three orange hair/feather-like hairs on his head, and an orange spot on his belly. Some of the things he enjoys include playing goobleberry catch, eating zoot fruit, and helping out his friends. He can use his nose in many ways, like launching goobleberries to be caught, eaten, or planted; or sucking all the excess dirt from Noggendrill's house.


Name: Sensit

Gender: Male

Animal: Lemur Creature

Color: Bluish Purple

Sensit Is Zoboo's Friend With Senses.

Wiggy WaxwingEdit

Name: Wiggy Waxwing

Gender: Female

Animal: Waxwing

Color: Blue and Red

Wiggy Waxwing Is A Waxwing

Green PuppyEdit

Name: Green Puppy

Gender: Female

Animal: Puppy

Color: Green

Green Puppy loves to lick Zoboo and splash around in goobleberry jelly puddles.


Name: Slimantha

Gender: Female

Animal: Salamander

Color: Yellow

Slimantha Is Zoboo's friend who lives behind a rock and loves hugging her friends.


Name: Noggendrill

Gender: Male

Animal: Mole

Color: Orange

Noggendrill can dig holes in the Ground with the drill on his head.

Snow LemurEdit

Name: Snow Lemur

Gender: Male

Animal: Lemur

Color: Light Blue and White

Snow Lemur Is Zoboo And Sensit's Friend Who Lives On A Mountain

Baby ZoboomafooasaurusEdit

Name: Baby Zoboomafooasaurus

Gender: Male

Animal: Dinosaur

Color: Orange and Green

Baby Zoboomafooasaurus Is A Dinosaur And Hatched His Egg.


Name: Zoboomafooasaurus

Gender: Female

Animal: Dinosaur

Color: Orange and Green

Zoboomafooasaurus is a dinosaur. She is the biggest of all the Zobooland characters. Whenever she walks, she roars and stomps on the ground.


Name: Buggly

Gender: Male

Animal: Bug

Color: Green and Blue

Buggly is a bug. He never comes out of the Cuckoo Clock when the mystery animals arrive, like Zoboomafooasaurus.


Name: Fibby

Gender: Female

Animal: Sea Creature

Color: Orange, Green, Yellow, Red, and Blue

Fibby, Zoboo's Best Friend Is Introduced. She Appeared When Narchi Lost His Ball And She Caught It. Most of her appearances show her submerged, but some stories show her entire body (a strange orange fish-like body with eye stalks, nostrils, fins, weird coral-like spines, and a fish mouth; two green octopus tentacles with yellow suckers; two red crab claws, and a big blue whale tail). According to the 2nd Zobooland story of "Crocodilian", Fibby lived in Zobboland since a Paleozoic-type era, making her the first (and oldest) Zobooland character to ever exist.


Name: Cy

Gender: Male

Animal: Squid

Color: Light Green

Cy was introduced, and everyone was scared of him, until they become friends.

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