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Zobooland is an imaginary world, in which Zoboomafoo's characters reside.


Name: Gooble

Gender: Male

Animal: Bear Creature

Color: Purple

Gooble Loves to Eat Goobleberries


Name: Narchi

Gender: Male

Animal: Elephant Creature

Color: Greenish Blue

Narchi Is An Elephant Creature With A Orange Spot On His Belly


Name: Sensit

Gender: Male

Animal: Lemur Creature

Color: Bluish Purple

Sensit Is Zoboo's Friend With Senses.

Wiggy WaxwingEdit

Name: Wiggy Waxwing

Gender: Female

Animal: Waxwing

Color: Blue and Red

WIggy Waxwing Is A Waxwing

Green PuppyEdit

Name: Green Puppy

Gender: Female

Animal: Puppy

Color: Green

Green Puppy Was Introduced And Has Appeared Ever Since.


Name: Slimantha

Gender: Female

Animal: Salamander

Color: Yellow

Slimantha Is Zoboo's Friend Who Lives Behind A Rock


Name: Noggendrill

Gender: Male

Animal: Mole

Color: Orange

Noggendrill Can Dig Holes Through The Ground

Snow LemurEdit

Name: Snow Lemur

Gender: Male

Animal: Lemur

Color: Light Blue And White

Snow Lemur Is Zoboo And Sensit's Friend Who Lives On A Mountain

He Was Play In The Sand In the Morning

Baby ZoboomafooasaurusEdit

Name: Baby Zoboomafooasurus

Gender: Male

Animal: Dinosaur

Color: Orange and Green

Baby Zoboomafooasaurus Is A Dinosaur And Hatched His Egg.


Name: Zoboomafooasaurus

Gender: Female

Animal: Dinosaur

Color: Orange and Green

Zoboomafooasaurus Is A Dinosaur And Stomps On The Ground & She Roared.


Name: Bugly

Gender: Male

Animal: Bug

Color: Green and Blue

Buggly Is A Bug. He Never Comes Out Of The Cuckoo Clock When The Mystery Animals Arrive Like Zoboomafooasaurus


Name: Fibby

Gender: Female

Animal: Sea Monster

Color: Orange, Green and Blue

Fibby, Zoboo's Best Friend Is Introduced. She Appeared When Narchi Lost His Goobleberry Ball And She Caught It.


Name: Cy

Gender: Male

Animal: Squid

Color: Light Green

Cy Was Introduced And Everyone Was Scared Of Him Until They Became Friends.

Red Gorilla Edit

Name: Red Gorilla

Gender: Male

Animal: Gorilla

Color: Red

Red Gorilla Is Introduced on "SpongeBob's Toonville Adventures" When SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick, Zoboo, Sensit & Snow Lemur Will See a Surprise on the Animated Cartoon.

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