Michael Jackson invented the moonwalk, but Zoboo invented the moonleap!

Zobooland is an imaginary world made in Claymation. Zoboo will often show off this strange, Madagascar-like world when a portion of the episode reminds him of a time in said Zobooland. It's here that some of his best friends, besides the Kratt Brothers, reside.

These segments usually involve one or more character besides Zoboo in theme with the episode prior to its intro.


Name: Zoboomafoo

Gender: Male

Animal: Lemur

Color: White and Brown

Zoboo is the main character above all the Zobooland characters. He leaps along in Zobooland and helps out his friends whenever he can, whatever problem they may have. He'll even summon said friends if need be should the need arise, such as when he asked for advice as to how to get rid of his and Snow Lemur's itchiness when Phibby's scratching proved inadequate.


Name: Gooble

Gender: Male

Animal: Bear/Rabbit Hybrid

Color: Purple

Gooble is a rotund, gluttonous beast that enjoys Goobleberries among all else. He's kind and gentle, usually willing to compromise with others, as evidenced when he had a hard time playing catch with Narchi since his arms were so short.


Name: Narchi

Gender: Male

Animal: Elephant/Anteater Hybrid

Color: Greenish Blue

Narchi is a greenish blue anteater hybrid-like creature with a plump round body, a long elephant trunk-like nose that has many uses (goobleberry launcher, jet propeller, trumpet, vacuum, etc.), hole-like eyes, stubby flipper-like arms with three fingers, flat pillar feet, three orange hair/feather-like hairs on his head, and an orange spot on his belly. Some of the things he enjoys include playing goobleberry catch, eating zoot fruit, and helping out his friends. He can use his nose in many ways, like launching goobleberries to be caught, eaten, or planted; or sucking all the excess dirt from Noggendrill's house.


Name: Sensit

Gender: Male

Animal: Tarsier

Color: Purple-and-yellowish green

Sensit is an eccentric, big-eyed lemur relation that has his own unique way of walking. More specifically, he loves walking on his fingers, rarely using his actual feet. He loves to show off how great his senses are, but is also willing to admit when he can be fooled, as evidenced by him laughing at Zoboo's joke when he ate striped fruit to blend in with a striped fruit tree.

He also has several little sisters that pop in every now and again that he has to babysit; Zoboo usually helping with the volunteer work in that regard.

Wiggy WaxwingEdit

Name: Wiggy Waxwing

Gender: Female

Animal: Kakapo

Color: Blue, Orange and Red

Wiggy Waxwing is perhaps the most....energetic is one way to put her behavior. She's easily excitable, and has little or no inside voice. She's also not the brightest bird in the jungle (if you catch my drift), but is willing to help out when need be.

She adores root noodles, and usually stashes them in her tree hole home.

Green PuppyEdit

Name: Green Puppy

Gender: Female

Animal: Puppy

Color: Green

Green Puppy is Zoboo's personal pet, discovered quite by accident one fateful day. Having no home of her own, she's followed Zoboomafoo ever since, and usually plays along with him and Gooble when they enjoy Goobleberry Juice baths.


Name: Slimantha

Gender: Female

Animal: Salamander

Color: Yellow

Slimantha is a rather kindhearted amphibian whom means well, but is incredibly slimy. Her heart's in the right place, but every time she tries to hug someone, they literally slip through her fingers. As a result, she has a bit of a depression streak.

Fortunately for her, Zoboo is always willing to give her a friendly hug, and loves the ride that comes about from slipping out of her grasp.


Name: Noggendrill

Gender: Male

Animal: Gopher

Color: Orange

Noggendrill is perhaps one of the more bizarre residents of Zobooland; an orange gopher with a drill on his head that he uses to dig holes in the ground. Like Gopher from Winnie the Pooh, he spends most of his time working on his tunnels, even making fun labyrinths for Zoboo and Narchi to play around in.

He's also incredibly helpful, willing to lend his part when a crisis occurs in Zobooland.

Snow LemurEdit

Name: Snow Lemur

Gender: Male

Animal: Lemur

Color: Light Blue and White

Snow Lemur is a rather shy lemur that lives high on Mt. Zoboomafoo, and is a close friend to Zoboo and Sensit. While he loves the ice and snow, he does visit every now and again to play in the sand near the lake where Fibby resides.

Baby ZoboomafooasaurusEdit

Name: Baby Zoboomafooasaurus

Gender: Male

Animal: Dinosaur

Color: Orange and Green

Baby Zoboomafooasaurus is another creature with no inside voice; and easily excitable, like Wiggy Waxwing. Hatched from an egg that Zoboo found, the latter is the former's uncle of sorts, playing with him on multiple occasions when everyone else is away.


Name: Zoboomafooasaurus

Gender: Female

Animal: Dinosaur

Color: Orange and Green

Zoboomafooasaurus is a dinosaur, as well as the biggest resident of all the Zobooland characters. Whenever she walks, she roars and stomps on the ground. Ironically, she has a quiet, low voice that only gets loud when she roars.


Name: Buggly

Gender: Male

Animal: Beetle

Color: Green and Blue

Buggly is perhaps one of the more interesting characters of Zobooland; a friendly giant insect (if kind of a showoff), and will often offer Zoboo a ride on his back. He's often dubbed himself a "superstar" for his amazing flying prowess, and is often the most coolheaded of the Zobooland residents.


Name: Fibby

Gender: Female

Animal: Octopus

Color: Orange, Green, Yellow, Red, and Blue

Fibby, is a shy, but friendly octopus-fish hybrid that is willing to lend either a helping claw or helping tentacle depending on the situation. Born in ancient times, she's perhaps the eldest, and therefore first character to have evolved in Zobooland.


Name: Cy

Gender: Male

Animal: Alien Squid

Color: Light Green

Cy is a brand new resident of Zobooland, known for accidentally scaring the locals due to his unknown origins.Only Zoboo was willing to give him the time of day, and it took time for the others to befriend him. But thankfully, Cy is not a malicious creature, just unusual.

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