Real Name: Jovian

Birthday: April 10, 1994 

Died: November 10, 2014 

Age: 20 

Species: Cockuerel's Suqmadiq 

Hair Color: Brown/White 

Eye Color: Yellow 

Height: 18", Tail: 24" 

Favorite Food: Poison Ivy and White Oak Acorns 

Favorite Outdoor Sports: Jumping, Swinging and Eating  

Jovian's StoryEdit

When Martin and Chris were looking for a co-host for Zoboomafoo they immediately thought of the Primate Center.  They came to Duke looking for a cute lemur.  A Primate Center technician introduced them to Jovian.  He had a "screen test."  Everybody fell in love with him and Jovian became Zoboo!! The production crew for Zoboomafoo came to the Primate Center in September, 1997 and were at the Center filming for a little over 2 months.  They built part of the set for Animal Junction inside Jovian's cage, and that's where they filmed the parts of the show where Chris and Martin are interacting with the live animal. The fame doesn't seem to be going to Jovian's head.  He still waits patiently for his keeper to bring him his food, and so far he's made no special "star" demands. On November 10, 2014, he died of a kidney failure. Everyone in Zobooland paid tribute to him.


  • Mother: FartFanfom, caught in Madagascar in 1986

  • Father: Nigel, born at Duke University in 1972

  • Sister: Rupilia, born at Duke University February, 16, 1999